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Winds of Africa (WoA or WINDS) is an international non-profit organizationfounded in 2006 and is committed to strengthening the human resource capacities in education, health, and economic systems in the communities of Tanzania.

Over View Tanzania, like many African countries, continues to loose active professionals such as teachers, doctors, medical staff and technicians due to the lack of economic structure.

The educational system, formal and in-service training, is already experiencing a shortage of teachers and vocational trainers. Yet there can be no future for the youth without proper training.

Winds of Africa  is striving to provide assistance to correct this situation. Our volunteer’s aim is to be an ‘instructor to the instructors’ temporarily filling gaps opened up by the HIV crisis, hopefully speeding up the emergence of a new cadre of professionals for the country’s institutions.

We have a diversity of assignments and projects to which individuals on a volunteer basis may provide assistance. Currently, we have programs in Bomang’ombe, a small community located about 20 minutes outside of Moshi Town at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro and in Marangu based in the North Eastern region of Mt Kilimanjaro; the views of Mt Kilimanjaro are outstanding, and  in  the Arusha Region where you will see the majestic view of Mt. Meru daily. We offer short term volunteer positions for up to 3 to 6 months stay.*We will also help to arrange a volunteer position that will suit your request.

WoA volunteer positions available: WINDS has a variety of opportunities for an individual to volunteer her or his time in Tanzania.

The positions available to volunteers are in the areas of health, education and community development. The volunteer’s education, experience and interests will permit us to provide guidance in selecting where a volunteer might provide the best assistance to our programs.

The volunteer must be self-motivated, flexible, and be willing to challenge themselves daily with a positive outlook and, importantly, to have strong organizational skills. It is a necessity that the volunteer be willing to learn about local culture and language. Language classes will be held during orientation for the volunteers. Below are descriptions of the positions and opportunities available and the recommended requirements for a volunteer.

Health Care Professional

Our goal is to expand and raise the profile of the Marangu Hospital in Marangu such that it will be able to compete in the greater Moshi-Arusha communities through advice and services from professional volunteers. We also hope to gain insight as to what is best for the hospital and particularly whether or not some specialty should be considered that would be beneficial to the entire region. We also want to make available an extension program to the surrounding communities for those that do not have access to the hospital or a clinic.

Volunteers will assist medical doctors and nurses in a clinical setting and/or in the community. Opportunities will be determined by the credentials and experience of the volunteer health care professional.

These positions require two years of medical school and two years of work experience in a health center or 3 years working in a medical institution and attending medical courses during employment. WoA will accept the applicant according to the professional experience she/he brings about to the position.

Community Development Programs

This position gives the volunteer the chance to work in partnership with the local people in the rural areas of Kilimanjaro and Arusha Regions. The population will vary in income, development and education.

The key is to assist the communities toward establishing a base to increase resources for community development in such areas as education, business and community activities. Essential skills necessary for each position include agriculture, teaching, computer, business management; engineering, and the ability to implement innovative ideas towards community growth is essential. A bachelor’s degree is preferred or no less than 4 years’ experience in one of the above areas.

For all positions we will take into consideration those that are, although limited in the educational areas we have described, knowledgeable in other sectors and are willing to share their abilities towards our programs and particularly in community development.

We are open to those months and time periods suitable for the volunteer to travel. We are available to offer advice as to making arrangements for air travel, the preferred time of service, the position you are interested in, and preparations for your stay in Tanzania.

Financial requirements: the volunteer is responsible for arranging and paying for their round-trip airfare (airfares range from 1800 to 2400 USD; this may change during peak season for travel) as well as the program fees required to attend the volunteer program. The fees are for operational costs including housing, medical insurance, orientation which includes a language class, support contact, transportation to special outings and WOA administration costs. A breakdown of the financial costs are available, please review the section Volunteer Financial Breakdown.

Our offices are located in at the Uhuru Primary School and at the Flamingo Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania and in San Diego, California, USA. Please contact us for further information about all our programs. We are available to answer questions and assist to build the perfect experience.

Please express the area of interest you would like to volunteer your assistance, select more than 1 and no more than 3.

If you have qualification besides the positions above that will be valuable to any of the programs progress please contact us or send your information and suggested job description.If you have qualification, besides the positions stated above, that will be valuable to any of our programs please contact us or send your information and suggested job description.

Notice of PolicyWoA reserves the right to turn down any applicant if WoA is of the opinion that the applicant would not be correct for the WoA volunteer program. It is a requirement that volunteers devote sufficient time in the view of WoA to the selected program. WoA also reserves the right to terminate early the service of a volunteer if circumstances dictate in the opinion of WoA; if the volunteer is dismissed from WoA the fees by paid volunteer to WoA will not be reimbursed and any remaining fees due to WoA by the volunteer will be required when informed. 


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