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US Board Members

Mr. Anthony J. Caputo

Tony is the legal advisor to Winds of Africa, Inc, a California non-profit corporation and Winds of Africa Foundation in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. He is a resident of Tanzania and resides in Arusha during his visits. In both countries he is significantly involved in all aspects of the organization and its projects. Tony currently practices law in San Diego, California with an emphasizing on civil and business law including litigation. He began his career in law working with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, in 1969. Tony has over 35 years experience in general civil and business litigation, including complex litigation, state-wide class-action litigation, sexual and age discrimination cases, personal injury cases, real estate matters including development, contract and title issues and general business transaction;

Clients include hotel management companies; construction companies; small businesses; non-profit associations and organizations including homeowner associations. Past President of Mission Beach Town Council, 1981-1984, Arbitrator and Mediator Panels, San Diego Superior Court, 1985 to present.

Associations; World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Smithsonian, National History Museum, Sierra Club and Audubon Favorite pastimes include surfing, skiing, bicycling and travel.


Law Offices of Anthony J. Caputo
2204 Garnet Ave,
ste 301,
San Diego
CA 92109 USA

(+1) (858) 866-1053 x 203
(+1) (858) 483-1808 Facsimile

Ms Audrey Dimambro-Caputo

Audra is a Founder and Director of Wind of Africa, Inc in California and Winds of Africa Foundation in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. She is a resident of Tanzania and resided in Arusha during her stay.  

Her career in the United States is working in Mental Health with children, adolescent and adults. She has held supervisory positions at Changing Options Adult Mental Health Facility, Hambleceya Adult Mental Health, New Haven Group Homes for Adolescents in San Diego County, California and the Encinitas Community Resource Center/ Libre’ Domestic Violence Shelter in North County, California.

She has formed and managed programs such as Self Esteem Coordinator and Life Skills Instructor and utilized creative ideas to shape and implement their progress. When she resides at home in San Diego she continues to work at the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital under a medical registry.

Audra worked in Zimbabwe, Africa in January 1996 for one year with a volunteer program. She selected to work with Save Our Soul Children’s Orphanage assisting the principle and teachers at the kindergarten and primary school. Her experience in Zimbabwe was exceptionally rewarding. Her desire to continue volunteering in Africa brought her to Moshi, Tanzania in 2001. She has assisted a number of school programs, street children programs and orphanages and continues to devote her attention to the Engikaret Maasai Primary School and Village, Arusha Region and Bomang’ombe Vocational Training Center, Mount Kilimanjaro Region. Her ambition is to encourage change for the better in education and health and to be a witness in progress.

Audra’s favorite pastimes are surfing, skiing, hiking, painting and writing and travel.


US Mobil; (+1) 858 663 4651
Tanzanian Mobil; + 255-754-095-331



Ms Susan Munger

Title: Director and Secretary

Qualifications: Business college courses; paralegal degree; over 25 years experience as a paralegal in San Diego; kept accurate minute records for 2 years as volunteer secretary for PTA of local middle school

Average hours worked (per week): Varies as required; approximately 5 hours/week

Duties: Responsible for imparting the vision of the organization and administrative duties; keep the record of the minutes of the meetings of the directors and also responsible for all corporation’s paperwork


Mr. Richard Barsell

Title: Director

Qualifications: University of San Diego, Bachelor of Arts; owner of business development company, 40 years of experience.

Average hours worked (per week): Attending monthly meetings and special meetings, except during set up of fund raising when time commitment would be extended.

Duties: Responsible for imparting the vision of the organization and overseeing its fund raising operations; use business experience to assist the organization in making decisions, including those concerning budgeting and most efficient use of funds; assist in fundraising.


Mr. Charle W. Giacomini

Living in San Diego he is an experienced Hotel Operator who is a co-owner of Hotel Managers Group which operates several Hilton Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotels, Best Western Hotels, as well as several independant Hotels.  He is or has been on the board of directors of National and State Hospitality Associatons as well as the San Diego Hotel and Motel Association as well as the San Diego Convention Center.  He has taught courses in Hotel Operations and Management for Community Colleges as well as being a Lecturer at seminars and other travel and hospitality gatherings.