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100% of all the funds donated to WInds of Africa Foundation are used directly towards the specific purpose the donor requested. Whether it is use to help purchase school supplies, sponsor a student, farming, medical supplies, to build a fence or a new student center the funds are used as it should be. A Trust account is set up for this reason and handled by the law office of Tony Caputo whom is also a Director and member of the US and Tanzanian Board. The donations are placed in an office Trust Account and then used for the donated purpose. He will provide to the Consultant, and the Co-Directors of WoA a complete description of how the funds will be spent. A receipt and complete statement is returned to the supporter. This assures that 100% of the contributions are secured. 

We appreciate your interests in our organization and your assistance in helping us to achieve our goals.

'Thank you very much'... 'Asante Sana...'

'Education is the keystone towards success...'

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