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  • SUNDAY, May 6th 2018, from 4:00pm to 7:30pm at the Mission Bay Marina Village, Starboard Room, 1936 Quivara Way, San Diego CA.

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Winds of Africa, (WINDS or WoA) are an organization that is committed to strengthen human resource capacities in education, community and economic systems in the communities of Tanzania.

Our Vision is to help the unfortunate people of Tanzania, to give them an opportunity that otherwise they would not receive as a result of poverty, single parenting, illness, lack of educational funding and a weakened economy, being the most obvious. Our objective is to teach self-reliance by increase their chances of survival through education. Believing in the importance of continued support to expand a strong foundation for those living in Tanzania is the most viable way to provide a safe dependable future.

WINDS welcome residents, volunteers and travelers to join us in our endeavors. Our mission is to assist institutions and communities in strengthening human resource capacities. We do this by supporting training schemes, providing consultancy services and learning programs and running effective volunteer programs. We have a diversity of assignments and areas where a person may provide assistance.

Currently, we have programs in Bomang’ombe, a small community located about 20 minutes outside of Moshi Town in the Hai District, and in Marangu based in the North Eastern region of Mt Kilimanjaro; views of Mt Kilimanjaro are outstanding, and in Arusha where you will see the majestic view of Mt. Meru. We also assist the Engikaret Maasai Primary School which is located in the Longido District. Views of Mt. Longido, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro are clearly seen while at the primary school and during walks through the village. Choose from our menu list to read more about our programs. 

We are assisting two different hospitality companies with an English proficiency program; one is based on the border of the Serengeti in the Mara Mara Region, and the other is based on the border of Tarangeri NP and Lake Manyarya NP. Our position is to increase the employee’s level of English speaking that are working at the lodges and that come from the surrounding villages. The program is designed to build the employees awareness and self-confidence during work and to reinforce education for the people living in the surrounding communities.

We also are interested in partnering with institutions or groups that holds the same interests as ours. Building a foundation as one can be done, as a team many things are accomplished. ‘Team work does make a change…’

Our offices are located in at the Uhuru Primary School and the Hotel Flamingo, Arusha, Tanzania and in San Diego, California, USA. Please contact us for further information about all our programs. We are available to answer questions and assist you to capture the perfect journey an experience, whether it is through a volunteer position or through exploration.

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